The Ocean

Our Mission
Our Mission

Ensuring long-term, sustainable use of the ocean.

Did you know? Autonomous vehicles have been used to help discover what’s living on the deepest levels of the seabed.

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Wave energy: can ocean power solve the global energy crisis?

Wave energy is the most powerful but least developed renewable energy. If harnessed, it could meet much of the world’s electricity needs.

'Reef cubes': could these plastic-free blocks help save the ocean?
Nature and Net Zero

This report examines natural climate solutions (NCS), which use nature’s own capacity to absorb and store greenhouse gases to combat climate change.

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The Ocean
Transformation Map
Plastics and the Environment
Transformation Map

Our Impact

Our Initiatives

Friends of Ocean Action

This is a unique, informal group of more than 70 leaders fast-tracking solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the ocean.

Deep-Sea Minerals Dialogue

The world seeks minerals for industrial development, for economic growth and to drive the green transition. The deep-sea could help to provide some of these minerals, but should it?


Crowdsource Innovation


Urchinomics restores kelp forests and creates rural job opportunities by paying fishers market rates to remove these valueless, overgrazing urchins.


A Community Supported Fishery Platform that delivers freshest and highest quality and sustainably caught seafood to customers via an app and an IoT network for electronic seafood traceability.

Coast 4C

Coast 4C aims to integrate the world's largest supply chain for regenerative seaweed, driving benefit for the 4Cs of community, conservation, commerce and climate.


ABALOBI is an African-based, fisher-driven social enterprise addressing inequality, lack of data, safety at sea, gender inequality, and limited market access within small-scale fisheries.

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