Financial and Monetary Systems

Our Mission
Our Mission

Building more efficient, resilient, and equitable financial systems.

Did you know? By late 2021 nearly 90% of all Bitcoin had already been mined.

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What is sustainable finance and how it is changing the world

Sustainable finance has come of age, outperforming conventional investments and helping to address climate change. Here’s what you need to know.

Digital currencies are cutting across borders. Here's how regulators can catch up
Global COVID-19 FinTech Market Rapid Assessment Study

The World Economic Forum’s Global COVID-19 FinTech Market Rapid Assessment Study has gathered empirical data from 1,385 FinTech firms that are currently operating in 169 jurisdictions globally with the aim of helping to understand: the impact of the global pandemic on the FinTech markets, the response of the FinTech industry to the challenges of COVID-19, the most pressing FinTech regulatory and policy issues.

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Financial and Monetary Systems
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Koltiva developed KoltiTrace to digitize agribusinesses and help farmers transition to sustainable production and traceable sourcing.

Amazonia Impact Ventures

Our mission is to conserve and regenerate the Amazon Rainforest by investing in forest peoples’ enterprises and impactful small businesses.


We’re an impact-driven start-up on a mission to combat climate change, restore biodiversity, and improve rural livelihoods.

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